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Profetiza - Elisa Costa
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                            Singer Elisa Costa

On February 13, 1970 Maria Elisa Costa, the daughter of Adão Marcolino (deceased in 2007) and Maria Efigênia, was born in the city of Urucânia, MG, in which she had seven children. But Elisa Costa is currently married to Pastor Willian Ramos at age 12.
His history with music began at the age of 12 praising in the churches of the city of Caldas Novas and at the age of 20 he was part of the worship team at his church and in 2009 there was a great concentration at his church headquarters where he was Consecrated the shepherdess before several shepherds, workers and present members.
In 2016 began to be born the project to release his first album and even in the face of the trials, struggles and difficulties the Lord has helped and for the honor of the Lord on February 11, 2017 released the CD Profetiza!